Public Relations Chicago

Walker Sands, a public relations firm in Chicago, offers the knowledge and expertise your company needs to gain significant media coverage quickly. Our public relations focus includes tech start-up apps, successful business to business technology companies, established software providers as well as many other B2B companies. Walker Sands, based in downtown Chicago provides the active, long-term public relations strategies that foster lead generation. We've seen our strategies succeed and that is why we continue to win multiple awards each year for our clients’ successful PR campaigns.

Success in public relations is comparable to rolling a snowball down a hill: a strong core develops into a lager entity as it builds momentum. The more story ideas are released, the more coverage is gained. That coverage and the relationships established ensure more and better placements as outreach continues, building a higher profile and more compelling message with each success. This is how we will position your brand as a credible and trusted player within your industry.

Walker Sands individualizes public relations strategies according to a client’s requirements, and provides you with your own Chicago-based team. Your company messaging, key audiences, important regions, and overall story are shaped and communicated to create the impression you want the media to broadcast. When these vital elements are in place, Walker Sands backs them up with the wide-ranging strategies needed to get the messages you want to the audiences you need. From our Chicago media hub, we effectively reach vital influencers in traditional, online, and social media.

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