Public Relations Campaigns

Walker Sands PR leadership team understands how to get the attention of journalists despite the crowded and constantly changing media landscape. Public relations campaigns need to capture your audience’s attention while also being newsworthy or else reporters will ignore them. It isn’t rocket science, but it does require an active and strategic approach. This is why Walker Sands hires former journalists and editors. Our public relations campaigns have brought success to everything from start-ups launching apps, to CRM companies, software businesses, to B2B companies in the legal industry and even LED lighting manufacturers.

Public relations campaigns need active, evolving methods that build on their own successes. An effective public relations campaign is comparable to a snowball rolling down a hill: a strong core develops into a larger entity as it builds momentum. As outreach continues, new relationships and media visibility steadily develop into a program of self-sustaining success.

Walker Sands provides an expert team to get your message into high-profile traditional, online, and social media outlets. We establish important relationships for your executive thought leaders by presenting your company’s profile to the most appropriate beat reporters. Public relations campaigns achieve maximum results when your company’s offering is understood and made newsworthy. Can you do that on your own? Maybe, but unlikely. Let Walker Sands show you the path to success.