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Play Along with Walker Sands Presidential Debate Bingo!

Allison Lautz

Tonight marks the first of three presidential debates before the upcoming election on November 6, and if one thing is certain, it’s that we can expect to hear plenty of buzzwords and “statistics” from both parties as they plead their case for the presidency. That’s why my colleague Will Kruisbrink created Walker Sands Presidential Debate Bingo. Click the link to download your own copy and play along!

Pages one and two contain statistics from the New York Times that are likely to be brought up this evening, and on page three you’ll find the Bingo board itself. Before the debate starts, print out a copy of the Bingo board and select nine numbers that you think will get you three in a row in any direction.

Have fun and let us know how you do by tweeting at @Will_WSComm or @WalkerSands, but most importantly, be sure to tune in to the debate this evening at 9/8c!