PR Tips for Chicago Innovation Firms

At Walker Sands, we specialize in creating integrated PR campaigns for firms at the forefront of Chicago innovation. From sponsoring events like the Chicago Lean Startup Challenge (an event that connected entrepreneurs to investors and VCs) to our work with leading B2B tech brands, we’re dedicated to helping innovative companies convert PR and digital strategies into measurable business results.

Gaining Visibility for Chicago Innovation Firms

In recent years, Chicago innovation has been at the heart of some of the most exciting products and prototypes to burst onto the scene. We love the unconventional, out-of-the-box ideas that shake up the marketplace and offer unique solutions in the B2B tech space.

For more than a decade, Walker Sands has helped local entrepreneurs move to the forefront of their industries. Through a results-driven approach to public relations, marketing, Web page design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’ve helped innovators, entrepreneurs and mature tech firms develop a solid business foundation and expand their client bases.

Fundamental Strategies for Chicago Innovation Firms

At Walker Sands, we create integrated PR campaigns that help innovative tech companies in the seed phase deploy strategies to increase their presence among key audiences. Key outcomes of these strategies include:

  • Establishing Credibility: Credibility is a priority for young, Chicago innovation firms. We’ll help you develop a strong rapport with investors, venture capitalists and most importantly, your audience with strategic brand storytelling.
  • Acquiring Customers: By earning targeted media placements that share your brand’s message and carefully developing your company’s digital presence, we can significantly improve your organization’s lead gen capabilities and deliver more customers to your brand.
  • Gaining Market Share: In today’s competitive environment, gaining and retaining market share remains a key challenge. A strong marketing strategy that focuses on the appropriate audience(s) is an important resource for growth-minded technology firms. Leveraging our experience in B2B tech, we’ll help you create, develop and implement a multi-channel PR strategy that serves up targeted messages to your brand’s most valuable audiences

Walker Sands approach to PR for Chicago innovation firms is rooted in the belief that the most successful strategies utilize a diverse mix of tactics and channels, including:

  • Social Media: Our team of digital experts can help you establish a strong social media presence and build your network.
  • Content Marketing: We’ll help you develop and distribute timely, valuable and unique content to attract and retain the right audience.
  • Thought Leadership: Walker Sands identifies the right opportunities for you to distinguish yourself as an industry expert through contributed bylines and white papers
  • Industry Event Speaking Opportunities: Sometimes the key to gaining the trust of your audience is meeting them face-to-face. Our team researches and identifies the best opportunities for you to participate as a keynote speaker – and we’ll help you every step of the way.
  • Media Relations: We don’t waste time when it comes to impactful media placements. Our teams have developed and maintained relationships with editors and influencers at some of the most prominent industry publications. Whether you’ve conducted new research or recently brought on a top-tier executive to your team, we’ll get the word out.

Promoting Chicago Innovation with Walker Sands

At Walker Sands, PR for Chicago innovation firms is our bread and butter. We’ll develop your narrative, build your messaging and implement a strategy that helps you achieve your most important goals for your business.

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