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Picking the Right Tablet


I’m going to be honest; I really want a tablet. I want to sit on my couch with a computer that’s lighter than some magazines and play Angry Birds and check the news. A laptop is too bulky, doesn’t do the right things, and is just too much for what I want, but a tablet would be perfect. So why don’t I have one?

The iPad would be the obvious choice. It does what it’s supposed to really well, it has a great App Store where I can get tons of apps that I want, but it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s because Apple has controlled the development of the iPad from conception, to production, to what I can do with it once I have it in my hands.  It only does what Apple wants it to do, even if that isn’t what I want it to do. I’d like to have some control over my tablet, I like having choice. So Apple is out.

With the Droid tablets, they’re charging off in a hundred different directions. Tegra is putting out new processors more quickly than I can keep up with, dozens of creative teams and development studios are putting their own twists on the Droid operating system(the newest version is called Gingerbread), Sony is even designing one specifically tailored to run old Playstation games. It’s the opposite of Apple, there’s a lot of variety, tons of options, I have freedom over the tablet itself, but its missing some of the software that the iPad has. Basically, I want Infinity Blade.

The competition to be the top name in Droid tablets should push the system to its limits. Different companies should be creating amazing pieces of technology that take advantage of different aspects of Droid. There should be great gaming systems (I’m looking at you, Sony), there should be perfect productivity tabs, there should be A/V tabs that let you create movies and music in ways you never could before.

But do I have the patience to wait for that perfect tablet to come along? Apple has a great product available right now, but it’s not quite right for me. And the Droid family will eventually have the exact tablet that I want, but that might not be for a while. So what do I do?