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Pages’ 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Stephany Guerrero

Hello Holiday Shoppers!

Here at Walker Sands there’s a  group of us with a shared interest for reading and books. As a group, we’re called the Pages Kaizen (Japanese for continuous improvement). Having once been the third grader who read at recess for fun, I felt like I found my people when I joined Pages. This community of readers and constant learners is a great benefit of working at Walker Sands, where many of us come from English, communications, journalism and marketing backgrounds.

To help you out with your holiday shopping needs, Pages pulled together a list of our favorite books. From moms and dads to BFFs and significant others, there’s a great book here for everyone. Matilda Swartz, a senior content strategist, compiled our recommendations into this awesome holiday gift guide! The PDF has embedded links for each book as well, so hopefully you can use this guide as a stress-reliever for gift giving this year!

Happy Shopping!