The road to hell is paved with adverbs.

Stephen King

As vice president of editorial content, Tim brings more than a decade and a half of PR, web and marketing content experience to the Walker Sands team. From web copy to white papers (and everything in between), Tim works with internal teams and clients to create content that generates sales, builds brand reputation and produces measurable business outcomes.

Tim's favorite projects to work on have included Miller Heiman Group (content strategy/content marketing program), CloudCraze (content strategy), Grubhub (content marketing) and #ImAnEngineer (microsite).

Based on our shared commitment to the idea that good writing creates tangible value, Tim helps technology companies and professional services firms achieve clarity in their written communications, developing content that amplifies the volume of key messages in crowded markets.

When he isn't behind a keyboard, Tim can often be found loitering around the nonprofit arena. His former philanthropic activities have included relief and development work in Africa and South America, and the chairmanship of a community-based grant foundation. More recently, Tim served on the board of an organization helped revitalize a strategic, inner-city corridor in his hometown of Rochester, NY.