“My friends say I'm crazy and I agree, but that's okay cause that's the way I like to be.”


As a Senior Software Developer, Kevin builds out tools for collecting, aggregating and analyzing staff and revenue allocation data. These tools help the company optimize pricing strategies, improve team management and create revenue forecasts for long-term planning. Over the past three years, he developed a homegrown ERP system using C#, ASP.Net, Python, SQL Server and JavaScript/Google Scripts, which has improved team management and pricing standardization across the agency.

In addition to working on the ERP system, Kevin has enjoyed collaborating with a small team to develop a micro-services, micro-frontend environment for building out internal applications using .Net Core, React, Entity Framework Core, SQL Server, MongoDb and TypeScript. This environment will provide the foundation for building out tools for digital asset management, automating onboarding/offboarding processes and monitoring employee happiness.

Kevin received a bachelor’s degree in political science and minors in economics and urban studies from the University of Michigan. He recently completed his master's degree in computer science from the University of Chicago, where he focused his coursework around big data, machine learning and parallel programming.