"We worked with the team at Walker Sands on our recent website redesign. Not only did they keep us on track to have the project completed on time, but they were extremely responsive and accommodating to us every step up the way. We are more than pleased with the way the site turned out and have had nothing but positive feedback."

Shannon Hamilton, Marketing Director, Porter Keadle Moore, LLC

Websites are the central hub of today’s modern marketing machines, and the single most important resource for generating business results. If your website isn’t driving substantial qualified leads,  delivering compelling user experiences or converting sales opportunities, there’s a problem.

How Walker Sands Can Help

Our web services are right for you if:

  • You want to completely overhaul your website’s functionality — not just an aesthetic refresh.
  • Your website isn’t ranked highly in search results.
  • You want a website that provides a logical, valuable user experience, from navigation to content and beyond.
  • You want quantifiable improvements that upgrade your site performance.
  • You’re looking for a website that’s modern, professional and high performing.

Walker Sands’ biggest differentiator is our absolute focus on improving your website’s performance. Every decision is made with improvement in mind, whether that’s improving user experience, leads, site performance or business results.


Art is subjective, but design is deliberate – it delivers a specific goal or function. In the case of your website, every webpage needs its own objective. Homepages should provide a holistic high-level overview of the entire firm. Product and solutions pages illustrate a specific capability, while contact forms give users opportunity to convert and continue the conversation with members of your team.

The deliberate use of color and contrast guide users through the various stages of awareness, education and conversion. Our designers employ proven principles and best practices for whitespace, layout, imagery and typography to communicate a certain personality, illustrate a certain value proposition or guide users to a certain call-to-action.

Today’s tools and technology take the guesswork out of the equation. Our internal heatmap analysis / eye prediction tool tests and refines our designs, resulting in fewer competing CTAs and a simplified path to conversion:


Equally important to both user experience and SEO is quality content. Both measures place high priority on content that is accessible, valuable, intuitive and unique.

Though most professionals can effectively describe their firm’s offerings on paper, fewer have the digital expertise and training to optimize content for web pages. The process often requires detailed audience persona research, keyword planning, gap analysis and familiarity with best practices for web copy.

New tools and technology have removed the subjectivity from these assessments. We assess every single URL on your website for things like content readability and title lengths, among other factors. Any URLs in red, orange or yellow represent a webpage that can benefit from improvement in those key areas.

We also execute a content audit to not only identify each page’s organic search value, but also assess its strengths, weaknesses and gaps, and determine the best plan for improvement.

Site Performance

Shortcuts are one of the most dire mistakes marketers can make in terms of website development. Without a decent understanding of the ins and outs of coding, it’s difficult to see underlying issues that might be burdening your website.

To see where your website falls short, visit Google’s free Mobile Speed Test and input your URL. Google places high importance on page load times and mobile considerations, like responsive design. If your site is losing visitors because of load time, it’s probably the tip of the iceberg of technical problems.

Many developers take a speedy, impersonal approach to design with off-the-shelf web templates that can be easily be re-configured for any layout or functionality. Walker Sands doesn’t cut corners – our web process is deliberate and thorough. While we’re rarely the fastest or most cost-effective route available, we consistently deliver immediate business results.

The right website can have an immediate, measurable impact on brand equity. Get in touch with our web services experts for a more customized, in-depth perspective.