"I've worked with quite a few other agencies and there's a night and day difference with Walker Sands. It's not easy to understand our niche space, but they really get it. And it shows, our results have been outstanding."

Laura Hewitt, Sr. Director of Marketing

Good creative isn’t about looking sharp — it’s about solving challenges that spark growth.

At Walker Sands, we’re inspired by B2B brands like yours. We believe you’re innovative and unique, and we want to help share your story.

With that in mind, our creative solutions are never ready-made or out of the box. Instead, they’re built through a collaborative, iterative process driven by strategy, vision and execution. We always listen closely to your priorities and then assemble the right team to address your challenges.

How Walker Sands Can Help

We are a good creative services partner for you if:

  • You want a team that cares deeply about understanding your business and telling its unique story.
  • You want to develop a full creative program or focus on one-off offerings.
  • You aren’t fully connecting with your desired audience.
  • Your social media doesn’t have a strong voice.
  • You’re ready to try something different in the B2B space.

With Walker Sands, you’ll gain a team that’s skilled in every area of creative, including content, design, social media, video and motion graphics. Together, we tackle a variety of projects that deliver the results your brand needs.

Brand Expression

Walker Sands can bring your B2B brand to life. What overall impression does your brand want to have? What sort of information do you need to convey? How bold of a stance do you want to take on key issues? This carefully considered approach to brand expression informs the verbal and visual identity that makes your company unique and ownable.

Drawing on the insights of our brand research team, our creative group builds comprehensive identity systems that ensure clarity, consistency and cohesiveness across all channels in the form of logos, color palettes, typeface, voice, tone and much more.

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Web Projects

From concepts and wireframes to layout and typography, every decision our designers and writers make is deliberate and in line with your defined brand expression. We pair our visual expertise with content that drives home your message, which is optimized to capture the best search results and lead conversions. From a full-scale website redesign to a more tactical landing page, no web project is outside our scope.

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Creative Campaigns

Want to whet the appetites of sales prospects with a customized fortune cookie? We’ve done it. Intrigued by the idea of sending them a piñata? We haven’t done it — yet.

Our creative campaigns go beyond traditional outreach to employ full-scale landing pages, printed assets, media placements, interactive media and more. The bottom line: If we can imagine it, we can make it happen.

But you won’t find us being creative just to be creative (or win awards). We always make sure our ideas are both aligned with your objectives and capable of proving value.

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Social Media

With an active social media presence, you can not only keep your fingers on the pulse of the industry, but you can also help start the conversation.

Every social media engagement with Walker Sands starts with a full audit of what’s working and what’s not. If you have social goals in mind, we’ll help you exceed them. If not, we’ll start from scratch, employing your brand identity to drive executive thought-leadership campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn and build culture through Twitter and Instagram. And because everything we do is driven by results, we’ll monitor engagement and analytics across all platforms to refine and improve your social strategy over time.


Video is no longer the next frontier in B2B marketing — it’s a proven way of telling your company’s story and visualizing important information for your audiences. Business leaders show a growing preference for video content, and our video offerings keep you ahead of the trend. Our video offerings dovetail with written content like case studies and testimonials to form a robust package or stand alone as product demos, event recaps and culture promotions. Every video keeps your branding and vision front and center.

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Motion Design

Animation isn’t kid stuff. Animated product videos, GIFs and custom motion-design video templates lend a professional edge to every piece of content that carries your brand’s name. We’ll teach you how to integrate our motion design into your work or take the reins to launch fully produced content.


Your organization should look the part. From headshots to office culture, we take a photojournalistic approach to showcasing the people who make up your brand. Stock photography on a website? Just say no. We’re here to help. And yes, we’ll even supply props if needed.

Interested? Check out our own headshots to see our work — and who we are.

The bottom line of good creative should be increased brand awareness, a pipeline of qualified leads and new revenue streams. We’re creatives, but we get that. So let’s talk. Get in touch with our experts today for a more creative and customized perspective.