“From the moment I read your proposal and saw your work, I never doubted that we picked the right partner. You all are extremely dedicated, hard-working, and very talented. We love the new brand and our new website is awesome. Great job!"

Amanda Beto, Senior Marketing Director, Mattersight

At Walker Sands, our branding projects are intended to drive business results: increased brand awareness, improved customer sentiment, increased profit margins and sales.

The companies that achieve this despite competitive pressures to the contrary are all empowered by strong brands – recognizable identities that are trusted by the market to consistently deliver a certain value proposition.

How we can help:

Our branding program is right for you if:

  • Internal and external audiences cannot clearly articulate who you are and what you do.
  • You need to codify the values, mission and vision of your organization to guide business decisions.
  • How your brand comes to life verbally and visually doesn’t accurately reflect your company’s offering, energy or culture.
  • Your need an elevating way to differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Your target audiences are unaware of your company or value proposition.

Our branding process is comprised of four distinct phases. These phases build upon each other, providing unique insights and valuable assets to create a strong brand foundation. Although we do have an established process, we understand that no two brands are the same, so we tailor each branding engagement to your specific challenges and needs.

Discovery and Audit: Our team conducts research on your industry, your competitors, your business goals and your brand. Based on our learnings we deliver a Discovery and Audit report that contains key findings, and strategic recommendations that inform the phases that follow.

The Discovery process may include: Brand Asset Audits, a Stakeholder Survey, Customer and Internal Team Interviews, Focus Groups, a Discovery Workshop, a Brand Awareness Survey, and more.

Brand Strategy: Building on learnings from the Discovery and Audit phase, our team identifies and defines an ownable and differentiating space for your brand. We work with you to create a unique set of assets to make up the strategic underpinning of your brand and guide future communications and creative development.

Strategic assets may include: Mission, Vision, Positioning, Reasons to Believe/Proof Points, Brand Personality Traits, Brand Values, Brand Messaging, Audience Personas, Brand/Product Architecture, Voice and Tone Guidelines, and more.

Brand Expression: We then apply your newly defined strategic approach to create a cohesive and distinctive visual and verbal system. Through collaborative workshops, we engage your team to provide key organizational insights to ensure your brand is aligned with your company’s DNA.

At the end of this phase, we’ll document your new strategic, visual and verbal identity in a comprehensive guidelines document to empower your teams with guidance and parameters for consistent brand expression

Brand Expression assets may include: Logo, Tagline, Brand Value Propositions, Typography, Color Palette, Iconography, Photographic Guidelines, Visual Elements, Brand Expression Sample Materials, and more.

Brand Activation

Our branding services don't end with the delivery of your brand guidelines. We support your team in producing the required internal communications, external communications and ongoing asset updates to seamlessly launch your brand.

And because every element of your brand is designed with the future in mind, we help our clients maximize their brand investment by supporting the execution of an integrated marketing strategy. Our B2B marketing consulting services provide your team with the support, alignment and expertise they need to successfully tell your brand story across every relevant channel.

Read more about our integrated marketing strategy approach and how we can activate your brand across our core capabilities of public relations, demand generation, web and creative services. And get in touch with our branding experts for a more customized, in-depth perspective.