One Step Forward

Walker Sands supports the communities we live in and the causes we believe in.

At Walker Sands, we are dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting worthy causes. Our “One Step Forward” program was developed as a way for the company to work with non-profits — and work together — to make a difference.

Through the program, we continuously support the non-profits that are closest to our hearts, including the Little Giraffe Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House. Our office looks forward to congregating during lunch or after work to organize gift bags for families in need or cook dinner for those who have had a much longer day than us.

We also get together each spring for a Cubs rooftop outing to support the Little Giraffe Foundation, a non-profit started by Walker Sands President Mike Santoro. Cubs and Sox fans put aside their differences for the day and have fun for a good cause.

As Walker Sands continues to grow, so does the scope of our philanthropic efforts. Each quarter we select a few causes we can help by putting to use our professional talents. Whether we launch a full-scale PR campaign or build a new website for a local business or budding nonprofit, we take pride in using our skills to advance the causes we believe in.

Caring about the community is important to all of us at Walker Sands, and having an opportunity to give back as a team brings us closer together. At Walker Sands, helping to make a difference in the community will always rank high on our to-do lists.

Walker Sands employees volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House to cook dinner!

Walker Sands employees cut melon for the fruit salad.

Everyone had so much fun preparing for the meal!

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