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NRF 2014 Recap

Adam Miller

This week, Walker Sands attended NRF 2014 to learn about the future of retail technology. I was fortunate to represent the social media team while Account Executive Katie Welge, SVP Christine Pietryla and President Mike Santoro represented the PR side.

From left to right: Walker Sands Account Executive Katie Welge, hybris Marketing Specialist Kaylee Laudon, Walker Sands SVP of PR Christine Pietryla, BRSA director José Augusto Moura

The theme of Retail’s Big Show focused around point of sale systems and omnichannel solutions. Customers are looking for a seamless experience that is not only mobile, but integrates with all channels; retailers had many ideas for delivering on those needs.

The booths showed off some of the latest gadgets for retailers looking for an edge on delivering the ultimate customer experience, while speakers explained why omnichannel is the future of retail.

My favorite speaker was Bert Jacobs, CEO of Life is Good. His overall message was that brands must be optimistic in order to be innovative. While the message may sound cliché, the presentation was anything but that.

He walked onto the stage wearing a t-shirt that read “Champions of Optimism,” and threw frisbees with he and his brothers’ signatures on them into the crowd several times during the speech.

Overall, 2014 looks to be a good year for retailers and customers alike. Retailers will finally have the data they need to personalize the shopping experience, while customers will receive better service than they’ve ever imagined.

Were you at NRF? Tell us if you had a favorite booth or speaker in the comments below.