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National Workaholics Day: How Walker Sands Combats Workaholic Behavior

Holly Stehlin

We all know what it’s like to burn the midnight oil and feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. In today’s world, becoming a workaholic happens more often than we would like (and unfortunately it’s nothing like what they show on Comedy Central). We love working hard for our clients and producing industry leading results, but here at Walker Sands we also pride ourselves on creating a strong work-life balance for our employees. So in (dis)honor of National Workaholics Day, check out some of the ways we like to stay sane at Walker Sands!

Summer Hours

When you live and work in a place with winters as bitter as the Windy City’s, there are only a few months to enjoy the sunshine before negative degree weather returns. To say “congrats” for enduring yet another chilly Chicago winter, Walker Sands employees are able to occasionally leave the office early on Friday afternoons. Whether we’re headed to the beach, a local patio or simply catching up on sleep, our whole team looks forward to summer hours. Early Friday exits in the summer keep us happy and productive all year long.

Movies in the Park

millenium park

Who doesn’t love #SummertimeChi? We’re lucky to live in a city that hosts so many awesome activities, many of which are free! Every Tuesday after work, Walker Sands heads over to Millennium Park to enjoy a movie in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion - one of the great recurring events put on by the city. Movies start promptly at 6:30 p.m., which means Walker Sands is out of the office by 5 on the dot to grab snacks and save seats - another perk of attending an event with coworkers! On a warm summer night, nothing’s better than picnicking with friends with one of the best views in the city.  

Game of Cones

Game of Cones

“Games of Thrones” (GoT) has swept the world over, and Walker Sands is no exception to the phenomenon. And what goes better with dragons, intense medieval battles and John Snow than ice cream? Nothing, that’s what. Every Monday, a group of loyal viewers gather over a scoop or two to kick back and talk all things GoT. Conspiracy theories are hashed out, favorite characters are discussed and we all wonder what epicness Daenerys will be up to next. A group of Walker Sands employees also participate in a GoT “Death Pool” where players follow Vegas-style odds to bet dragons on which characters will survive to the next episode. With season six just wrapping up, we’re already looking forward to next year's GoT festivities! Winter is here.

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