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Moms give the best advice

Tory Patrick

During lunch today, a few of us were discussing our Mother’s Day plans. That got us thinking about how awesome our moms are, and how we have taken much of their advice over the years and apply it to our work lives. Here’s some of their best advice. Thanks moms!

Begin with the end in mind.

In the short term, envision what the client/reporter is going to say before they say it, considering how something will be viewed from their perspective. In the long term, envision success before you arrive there, whether success is a high-profile placement or a grateful client.

-Sarah Dietze, Account Executive

Do it now, not five minutes from now. 

Our jobs can be very sporadic. If you put something off, especially something simple, it can haunt you later when you get a big project in and don't have time to do everything. The best way to keep up is to address everything immediately.

-Christine Pietryla, SVP

Do what needs to be done.

Public relations specifically is a job best done by helping others. Utilizing your team and everyone pitching in makes your team successful. Maybe task A isn’t your job, but if it needs to be done and no one else on your team can tackle it, do it yourself for the greater good.

-Tory Patrick, Account Director

Say please and thank you.

You always get a little further when you’re polite.

-Beth Kempton, MRS

Embrace your imagination.

Sometimes we have to let our minds wander into unchartered territory to come up with innovative solutions for our clients, fresh story ideas for reporters and inspiring ways to lead our teams. The ability to dream big only comes with practice, so don't ever let anyone tell you it's a waste of time. Not every idea will stick, but imagination is the fuel of creativity.

-Dave Parro, Account Director

What’s the one piece of advice from your mom you think about every day?

And quick Public Service Announcement: If you haven’t yet gotten a gift for mommy dearest yet, you have approximately 36 hours left to pick something up before Sunday.