Mobile Apps

There’s a reason Gartner projects that smartphones and tablets will represent more than 90 percent of growth in device sales by 2015. The mobile marketplace is exploding.

Walker Sands has helped launch companies across all facets of the mobile ecosystem so we know what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive space. You need traction and we have clear processes designed for rapid user acquisition whether you are looking for mainstream consumer adoption or have a focused business enterprise application.

Consumer Apps

As consumers clamor to get their hands on the latest smartphones and tablets, they are looking for apps to fill them up. But as the app ecosystem becomes increasingly crowded, it is more difficult to capture the attention of smartphone users. A strong placement in TechCrunch, ReadWrite, GigaOm or Mashable cuts through the noise and gets your app and your brand in front of a key audience of early adopters.

We’ve seen the positive impact PR makes on mobile apps for startups. One of our clients’ websites crashed after a feature placement on Mashable, and another saw hundreds of thousands of new users during a launch campaign.

We also have experience helping established brands such as HarperCollins rollout a large number of branded apps in a strategic manner so that each app launch builds upon the previous app's coverage.

Monetizing an app sometimes requires a convergent strategy of pursuing both a consumer audience (to acquire users) and a business audience (to bring partners on board). We’ve helped companies navigate this chicken-and-egg dilemma through targeted PR campaigns.

We’re also plugged into the app review sites and influencers in the space and will make sure they hear about you.

Business Apps

Enterprise-level mobile applications are seeing tremendous success in uses ranging from compliance to CRM. As decision-makers search for experts to develop, deploy, manage and secure these mobile apps, they turn to publications such as ZDNet, Computerworld and InformationWeek.

Walker Sands works with these publications and others to tell your story. We identify the value propositions for each audience. We know the IT department has different concerns than the sales team, and the CEO cares about different metrics altogether. We take a targeted approach to get key messages in front of each audience while still painting a cohesive picture that highlights your brand. We love to put media in touch with end users who can serve as your brand advocate.

Drop us a line to learn more about our approach to handling PR for apps.