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Marketing Sherpa Chart: Why Consumers Friend or Follow Companies

Mike Santoro

MarketingSherpa released an interesting chart today explaining why people friended or followed brands. The results are below: Chart of the Week

It's an interesting chart, but it seems to both support and contradict the data put forth by Razorfish Digital Brands Study in November.

This data seen below was well covered by ReadWriteWeb and put forth that people followed brands primarily for "exclusive deals or offers". Basically people followed brands to get free or discounted stuff. The MarketingSherpa survey appears to support this with 65% of daily users following companies for "specials, sales, etc..." yet the other categories in the Marketing Sherpa survey seem to have as much popularity.

Compare the chart below to the one above.

Primary Reason You Friend a Brand

It's possible that the differing survey methodologies cause a revelation enhanced by each. First that people are primarily following brands for the free stuff offer. And second that, although exclusive deals are the number one reason to follow, people are still willing to follow and friend your company if you offer compelling information or a good entertainment value. What do you think?

The source of the MarketingSherpa chart can be found here.