Looking For PR

If you are looking into PR for your business to business company or technology consider Walker Sands. Our strength in tech PR strategies has made Walker Sands a leader in this industry. Whether you are trailblazing a new market or enhancing a current one, we have an expert team ready for you. At Walker Sands, we understand that it is difficult for your internal communications team to get top tiered editorial placements. The current and constantly changing media landscape demands a creative and proactive approach.

Many business services companies looking for PR end up simply posting a few press releases to their website and waiting for the media to notice them. That’s just not enough. Good public relations campaigns are built on newsworthy stories that tie into current market events and conditions. It isn’t brain surgery, but it does require an agile and strategic approach. Our public relations campaigns have brought success to everything from tech start-ups with the coolest new apps, to software companies, to B2B companies with eCommerce solutions and nonprofit organizations. Our strategy combines years of experience with cutting-edge tech PR tools, leveraging a variety of media lists for maximum results.

Stop looking for PR and start making it happen. Within your company are countless highly interesting stories. Let’s make sure your clients and future clients know what you can do for them. Contact Walker Sands today.