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Life #throughglass: Walker Sands Tests Google Glass

Sarah Hale

This weekend, Walker Sands President and a winner of the #ifihadglass competition Mike Santoro traveled to New York to pick up his pair of Google Glass. Our staff was thrilled to get a glimpse of the future and learn the ins and outs of interacting with a device that puts status updates, notifications and search results in your immediate field of vision.

Mike Google Glass
Mike Santoro tests out his Google Glass for the first time.

While it takes a while to get the hang of it (we heard a chorus of “Ok, Glass” around the office all day), we think the augmented reality features hold the most promise. It’s nice to view messages and tweets without picking up your phone, but the consensus is that the best is yet to come for wearable devices.

Life #throughglass
Life #throughglass


NBC Chicago’s crew took a trip to the West Loop and reporter Charlie Wojciechowski test drove the Glass himself.

Charlie Google Glass

Walker Sands’ staff also shared their reaction to life under Glass:

"My feelings while testing out Google Glass:
First 5 seconds - power.
Next 10 seconds - confusion.
Final 20 seconds - defeat."
-Heather Farr, media relations specialist
"After putting them on, I felt like I was in the year 2050 and I should fly away in a UFO. But they were really cool and felt really light. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before...I can’t see myself using them right now, but maybe I’ll give them another try when they can do more and become more mainstream."
-Christine Curtin, media relations specialist
"It was really weird! Very distracting...When other people tried it on I realized how frustrating it might be when you think someone is engaging you in conversation, but really they're just interacting with the glasses. Cool in a way, but I think they're something that will isolate us even more in the future if these things ever take off."
-Allison Lautz, interactive marketing specialist
While the jury's still out on whether Glass and wearable technologies will become commonplace in the future, Glass is now a common sight around our office. To hear more from Mike on being a Glass explorer, check out John Pletz's article from Crain's Chicago Business.