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Life as a Fall Intern at Walker Sands

Holly Stehlin

It’s hard to believe it, but our fall interns are already halfway through their internship!  We’ve got six awesome interns who are working across our PR, digital and content teams.  Keep reading to get a glimpse into what a day in the life of an intern is like at Walker Sands.

Mike EspirituMike Espiritu

B2B technology seemed daunting to me at first, but the key is to know who and what they can speak to. Making a media list of key contacts and pitching reporters eventually begins to click with practice. Reading is just as important as writing to make sure that my pitches are hitting the right targets. I’ve also enjoyed the chance to get to know clients almost as well as they know themselves. Studying up on the clients, different tech outlets and the archived Walker Sands examples were all good reads to fully immerse myself in the work.

alyssaAlyssa Girdwain

The opportunity to work on both the PR and content teams has been a great learning experience for me. Doing so, I’ve learned about the interplay and collaboration between teams, and how to balance the demands of both. So far, my two biggest takeaways revolve around the importance of confidence and research. Starting out, pitching can be intimidating, so I’m working on believing and being bold in my ideas -- something that I'm grateful Walker Sands pushes me to do. Since I’m new to the world of B2B tech, there’s a lot to learn about clients and their industries.

Victoria Lewis

 Victoria LewisOver the last six weeks, red ink has been my best friend. Coming into this experience, I made writing my first priority and my team has gone above and beyond to help me hone my skills. I loved seeing the corrections and suggestions provided, but now it's really rewarding to see that my writing needs less editing. I am so thankful to be in an environment that pushes me to grow with a team who is willing to help me learn and succeed. Hopefully, I can make my team proud.

Ryan Sorell

Ryan SorrellI entered my internship with Walker Sands with nearly no experience in public relations, and no idea what B2B tech really meant. My supervisor and mentor have done an incredible job of pushing me to the next level without creating an overwhelming workload. A strong support system is built within the culture, and I've spoken to everyone from top executives to other interns, all who are genuinely interested in my experience here. The skills I've learned over the past six weeks with regards to writing, researching, and creativity, have been unmatched by any of my previous internships and employment opportunities. Over the next six weeks I would like to learn more about the holistic processes of our company and get more exposure to different departments within the company.

Rey Nambo

I started this internship with a background that consisted solely of in-house marketing and public relations experience, so I was a little concerned about whether I would be able to easily adapt to the agency lifestyle. As time progressed, I found myself surrounded by an extremely supportive and welcoming environment and I've learned so much about efficient team collaboration that my concerns have disappeared.

This internship has been more than an excellent learning experience, it has been an opportunity for me to grow, both professionally and personally. The guidance and honest feedback my manager has provided me with throughout this experience has helped me develop stronger writing and social media management skills. Thank you, Walker Sands, for providing me with invaluable insights and knowledge that I will not doubt use for the rest of my professional life!

Jared Landsman

jaredPR, particularly in this digital age where attention spans are at an all-time low, is notably different than other types of writing. I have worked as a journalist before and know how they think, but writing pitches is a whole different animal. I have been at Walker Sands six weeks, and quickly noticed the value in quality, researched, and clever communication when it comes to pitching a story idea.

Like a journalist, it is important to be knowledgeable on a topic when crafting pitches. But almost more important is knowing who you are communicating with like the back of your hand. The intricacies of a successful agency's communication style therefore reign supreme. Walker Sands does it far better than any media company I have been a part of.

Interested in learning more about our internship program? We're currently accepting applications for winter 2017. Learn more here!