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Lauren Eichmann Talks Social Media with TCW

Mike Santoro

Todays-Chicago-Woman-Cover-Nov2009This month's issue of Today's Chicago Woman features Walker Sands' own Lauren Eichmann speaking on the subject of social media. Over the past year we've raised our visibility in Chicago for our effective social media strategy and a few notable campaigns.

When Today's Chicago Woman looked to discuss how social media was changing the role of publicity and public relations professionals,  Lauren delivered by explaining the need for constant monitoring in a world where negative publicity can spread quickly.

Social media can include anything from blogs to picture sharing to social networking sites. But one false move and a company can find themselves smack in the middle of a publicity nightmare.

“Negativity can spread like wildfire these days,” says Lauren, who has worked at Walker Sands for the past year and a half. “Businesses can get slammed if they’re not controlling the message being put out there.”

It's a scary world out there. It used be general knowledge that one unhappy customer would tell 10 others about a bad experience. With social media one unhappy customer can write about a poor experience on Facebook that can reach 200 of their friends. That message can then be forwarded to 200 other friends, and so on. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a major sin. An impatient patron in line at your retail store could tweet to their 1500 followers, "Starbucks service sucks."

You need to be out there constantly monitoring the conversation and putting in place measures to then address those consumer concerns or combat those complaints that are unwarranted. If you don't, you're just letting the crowd control your brand message.

The full article, Controlling the (Facebook) Message, is available online at the TCW website, or visit the Walker Sands website for information on how you can leverage social media for your brand.