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Last summer we read "Hacking Marketing" by Scott Brinker where we discovered the importance of being (and how to become) a non-technical digital marketer in a digital world.

Here’s how it worked.

  • Participants signed up by filling out the form on this page
  • We sent them "Hacking Marketing" - for free!
  • On Tuesdays we emailed a blog post and video to learn a new concept found in the book and our theme for that week.  
  • On August 23 (5:30-8pm), we hosted Scott Brinker in our Chicago loop office for a meet and greet and unique presentation to all particpants of the club. 

About the Book: "Hacking Marketing"

Marketing management is racing to keep pace with the technological advances that are disrupting how customers connect and interact with brands. Instead of planning and producing a few big campaigns, marketers today must design and operate an explosion of continuous marketing touchpoints that evolve as quickly as their organization can manage. Marketing's speed, adaptability, and ability to balance innovation and scalability in this highly fluid, digital environment have become key factors in a company's competitiveness.

How can marketing managers master these new dynamics? In many ways, modern marketing now shares a surprising number of characteristics with contemporary software development. "Hacking Marketing" reveals the fascinating parallels between these two disciplines and shows how marketers, even with no technical background, can borrow and adapt successful ideas from software management to lead marketing more effectively in a digital world.

Event details:

Upcoming Just a Book event details to be determined. If you are an author or have one in mind, please fill out the form on this page to have them considered for 2017. 

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