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Join the “In” Crowd: Why Your Company Needs a Linkedin Profile

Kim Lucio

Looking for another way to reach out to your customers and future clients? A Linkedin Company Profile might be your best bet.

Company Facts and Research

Company profiles are a great resource to let the public know what your company does. Besides your company website, potential clients and consumers can view your Linkedin page to see what your specialties are, what you hope to achieve, and the latest news on what your company is doing in your industry. It can also provide you another way to be reached by search engines and other forms of social media.

Expansions and New Hires

Your profile also has a place where past and current employees can list what their job titles are and how long they have been working at the company. On their personal Linkedin accounts, employees can provide a link to the profile for your company if they follow it themselves. This is a great way for viewers of your employees’ Linkedin accounts to land right on your company page.

Send Viewers to Your Blog

Linkedin holds another opportunity for you to link to your company blog. This allows viewers easy access to what your company is writing about, and can land you more subscribers and comments. You can also add a link to your social media pages or blog to follow your company on Linkedin.

What are your thoughts on Linkedin Company Profiles: Necessary? Not needed? Leave a comment below.  You can follow Walker Sands Communications on Linkedin here.