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It's Not About You Until it's ALL About You

Andrew Cross

There is an expression for what many sales people do; ‘Show up and throw up’. Just like it sounds, we can’t wait to get in front of the prospect and shower them with… well, crap for the most part. Have you ever heard this one? ‘Nobody wants to talk to nobody, nobody sent’. It means you, the sales person are nobody and in a lot of sales calls, nobody sent you so guess what? Nobody wants to talk to you. But there is something everyone wants to about and that’s themselves and their situation.

Think about this; a sales person gets just enough of a sense of what you want to start selling you something THEY know really well. You were raised to be polite so you listen and try to appear interested. But they never get to the emotional root of what you’re worried about and what you really want. What a waste of everyone’s time! Quit wasting your time spewing useless information. Learn how to engage another human being. Selling has a bad reputation because everyone’s so suspicious of everyone else, so afraid of being pressured and sold something they don’t really want. Are you going to sell your prospect something to make your commission? Then it’s all about you. But if you want to provide a real service, you better learn how to make it NOT about you, at least not for a good chunk of the sales process. Here’s a simple line to get your prospect relaxed and opening up to you;

“Tell me about your situation and what’s been happening recently.” You want to create an atmosphere where you are interested in hearing them talk about their business. Your skill will be in validating what they say so they feel heard and being able to usher the conversation to the issues that your product or service addresses. When you learn this, there will come a point when you’re on and now it IS about you. It’s time to move the process forward. If you’re on the phone and you want an in-person meeting, you will say just enough to get them wanting that meeting. Then you set the meeting. If you’re sitting in front of the VP and you want to have your team present to their C-Level executives, you say what you need to in order to facilitate the next step. Don’t rush to some bogus ‘close’? And don’t expect them to make the next move either. You do it.

When it is time to be about you, you better have some power in your word. Power means you are speaking what you know and not some script you’ve rehearsed umpteen times. I’m not saying you need to talk loud or be super animated. Find your own style but speak with certainty as best you can about what they will get if they go with you. People are going to continue in the process because your energy ignites their hope. Everyone wants something out of the sale but it’s rarely what you think they want. Forget about features and benefits. All garbage. Start thinking about the emotional state that has to be awakened before people relax enough to risk their hard earned bucks on you. When you get that juice moving, they will do everything they can to help you close your own deal. It’s a fine day when THAT happens.