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Is social media good for lead generation?

Kim Lucio

Social media, as an entirety, has formulated itself into being one of the best ways of dispersing information at a fast pace to key audiences. But is it good for lead generation? Walker Sands' own Jackie Lampugnano took on the task of answering that question on this month's Social Media Club Chicago blog. Here are a few key takeaways from her article:

It’s more informed than cold calling

"Assuming that you’re listening/monitoring social channels before reaching out to people, you’re already more informed than you would be by making a cold call. You at least know that the person(s) are a part of your industry/looking for something offered in your industry," Jackie stated. "You might have seen them specifically ask a question, or maybe they repeatedly talk about a subject. Either way, you can make informed interaction with them because you know they have an interest in what you have to offer (on some level) and can follow through accordingly." Having a connection to someone before you reach out is a key part of growing a relationship. It makes the process of communicating with them much easier on both ends.

It’s less invasive

"Although social media provides an opportunity for real-time communication, it also can occur on both people’s schedules. Everyone gets swamped from time to time, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in what a company has to offer. With social channels, you’re able to operate at everyone’s convenience." This is a great point that Jackie makes about how social media sticks out from other sources on the internet. It's an open portal where people can continuously travel in and out of, and when you reach out to them on here it's much less overwhelming for them.

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