Is PR for Tech Companies Valuable?

When executed effectively, PR for tech companies can drive business growth and raise corporate visibility. The best PR programs work in tandem with other marketing initiatives like social media and search engine optimization (SEO) to elevate business results.

Common Results from PR for Tech Companies

Whether you are an online startup, e-commerce platform or digital agency, PR is an essential strategy for establishing a market presence, launching new products or services, attracting investors and driving sales and awareness. Strong PR for tech companies will generate a variety of meaningful business results, including:

  • Increased Web Traffic: PR activities and strong thought leadership content, such as white papers, blog posts, and contributed articles help raise your visibility in Google’s search engines and establish your brand as an authority on relevant topics. This drives traffic to your website and increases digital leads.
  • Social Media Growth: By incorporating social media into your tech company’s PR program, you can amplify the reach and impact of your PR results. Share media placements, ask your followers’ opinions and engage with industry influencers on social media. This will help you build key industry relationships and a larger base of social media followers.
  • Competitive Advantage: Third-party validation from credible media outlets, respectable market analysts and niche industry blogs positions your tech company as a leader in your market. Consumers trust third-party reviews and accolades, and often use those materials to make purchasing decisions. A strong PR program can separate you from your competition and raise awareness about your company, products and services.

PR for Tech Companies Case Studies

Walker Sands specializes in PR for tech companies and startups. Our multi-disciplinary agency helps clients in a variety of industries grow their business and drive sales. Take a look at our tech PR case studies to learn more about the typical results our clients achieve with our integrated PR campaigns.

  • Acquity Group worked with Walker Sands on an industry benchmark data study that analyzed business-to-business purchasing behavior across a variety of sectors. The award-winning study resulted in 400 report downloads, 100 placements in the first three months, more than 7,000 website visits and 1,000 social shares.
  • Cisco and Walker Sands’ powerful PR program for the Cisco Partner Network generated more than 150 high-value media placements, 700 million media impressions and 300 new leads from a data-driven white paper.
  • The HarperCollins U.K. app launch in the U.S., spearheaded by Walker Sands, generated more than 90 high-profile media placements, more than 81,000 downloads of the Wonders of the Universe app and approximately $500,000 in new business.
  • ThreatMetrix’s social media presence, launched and managed by Walker Sands, increased website traffic from social media by 282 percent. The program increased website traffic from LinkedIn by 216 percent, Facebook by 326 percent and Twitter by more than 3,000 percent.

This is simply a snapshot of some of our client successes. We take a tailored approach to every engagement, ensuring that your PR campaign meets your unique business requirements, target audiences and goals. Call us today at (312) 235-6173 to learn more about our integrated, results-driven PR programs for tech companies.