Infographics & Data-Driven PR Campaigns

News is driven by numbers, and so are we.

Data studies provide an opportunity to break into top-tier publications, and they're the ultimate way to show off your position as a leader in your industry. If you are interested in lead generating PR, you need to be interested in our data driven PR approach.

Right now, you could be sitting on a mountain of great data without even knowing it. Even if you aren't, we can easily conduct a survey of consumers or CIOs designed to show rather than tell your story. Our data-driven PR campaigns start with mining this valuable information to package it in a way that's powerful and visually compelling, often through infographics.

In the last year we've released:

  • The BizBuySell Insight Report – a nationally-recognized economic indicator that tracks the health of the U.S. small business economy by analyzing sales and listing prices of small businesses across the United States. This award winning campaign has been recognized by the PRSA for the impact on the client's business. The most recent report secured over 200 placements for the client.
  • Cisco Partner Study on BYOD – a report that found 90% of US workers used their own smartphones for work purposes. The resulting report was downloaded more than 500 times in less than 3 months.
  • Dotcom Distribution Flash Sale Facebook Analysis – the report analyzed 2,776 Facebook conversations and found that 22% complaints related to a negative shipping experience. The report was well covered in industry tech and retail press and the resulting white paper downloads led to several promising leads.

We conceptualize, execute and promote exceptional research. Reporters and analysts scrutinize reports thoroughly, so we'll make sure they pass muster. We've spent late nights in the office pouring over the numbers driving the latest trends in small business sales or employee-owned mobile device policies. We like our coffee black and our quadrants magic. See what our data reports have done for our clients in our case study section.

Walker Sands can handle each step of the process:

  • Constructing a captivating survey or data study geared toward a particular audience
  • Analyzing results to determine the most newsworthy elements
  • Designing compelling visuals, such as infographics or white papers, that highlight key findings
  • Developing a story angle to accompany the hard numbers
  • Reaching out to influential media and bloggers to secure coverage

But as nice as a big media placement is, we know the story isn't the end goal. We engineer our data campaigns to drive traffic to your website so prospective customers or clients download a white paper, sign up for a webinar or take some other action that results in a qualified lead, purchase or other action.

An infographic is worth (more than) 1,000 words

Few would disagree that the most compelling stories are accompanied by powerful visual elements. Infographics can be used as a valuable tool to help tell your story across bought, earned and owned media.

At Walker Sands, we work backwards from the headline, first identifying the story we want to tell. The most effective graphics are timely, data-rich and visually succinct, taking a complex process or idea and distilling it into concise, understandable visuals.

Our PR team works hand-in-hand with our award-winning design team to create infographics that make a lasting impact, driving traffic to your blog or other landing page.

Take a look at our extensive portfolio of design work, and you'll see that we set our standards high.

FInd more of our design work in our Digital Gallery.