Important Questions to Ask San Francisco Public Relations Firms

A simple Google search will turn up plenty of San Francisco public relations firms. But what Google and other search engines won’t tell you is whether or not these firms truly have what it takes to represent your brand.

Partnering with a public relations firm should be about more than getting a few media placements in local publications. Instead, it’s about building a lasting relationship with a team that understands your company from the inside out, and helps deliver your brand message to prospects, leads and industry influencers.

3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a San Francisco Public Relations Firm

The last thing you should do is hire a PR firm with a one-size-fits-all mentality. A partner that approaches all brands the same way isn’t going to achieve the results you need to generate awareness and increase qualified, inbound leads.

The public relations team you choose should have a thorough knowledge of industry trends and demonstrate an ability to think outside the box.

How can you find a San Francisco public relations firm that meets your company’s unique needs? Use these questions to guide your search:

  1. Can the agency demonstrate past successes? The public relations firm you choose to represent your brand should have a strong portfolio that demonstrates past client successes. When you’re able to see the results a public relations firm achieved for similar clients, you can feel confident in your decision to move forward with that particular agency.
  2. What additional services does the firm offer? Before you sign on with a public relations team, ask about their other services and capabilities. For example, if you want to focus on increasing organic search traffic for your brand, a robust SEO program might be valuable. Or maybe you need a new skin for your current website. If this is the case, you’ll want an agency that has in-house designers and developers. As needs arise, you can continue to work with the same firm, rather than working with a variety of agencies.
  3. Is the agency familiar with your industry? As you look for a San Francisco public relations agency , focus on firms that have experience in your industry. Agencies with industry experience usually have dedicated practice areas – teams of seasoned industry pros who stay on top of current trends and can identify the best ways to position your brand in competitive markets.

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