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How to: Rock a Career Fair

Kim Lucio

Today, Walker Sands will be visiting the Loyola University Chicago career fair.  We are currently on the search for a public relations intern as well as a web marketing intern. Career fairs can be a very overwhelming place if you do not show up prepared to work the room. Here are a few tips for students and job seekers who are heading to career fairs in the future.

Do your homework.

Before you talk to a company, make sure you read some information on them. If you can, get the list of companies that are attending before you get there, to ensure that you can have a solid conversation with them. Doing your homework on what a company does and what services you can help them with will help the conversation flow much smoother than you having to get an overview from them once you meet them.

Talk to companies you can see yourself at.

At career fairs, there are usually a wide range of companies that come out to scout. They come from dozens of different industries and services, so be sure you stick to the companies you can see yourself at. If you aren't in their industry, give the time to someone who is. You don't want to waste your time, and vice versa.

Have a message ready.

Before you approach a table, be sure you have an idea of what you are going to talk to them about. Be sure to give a quick introduction, why you see yourself working with them, and ask any questions you need to while you have the time. Be sure to bring business cards so that you include them with your resume.

Follow up.

Be sure to thank the companies that you spoke to. Whether it be a hand-written thank you or an e-mail, make sure you personalize your note and let them know you are grateful that you had the opportunity to talk to them. Doing something as simple as that will make you stand out from a crowd of hundreds of others.

And remember - Dress Professional. First impressions are key.

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