How to Hire a Marketing Firm

At Walker Sands, we like to think that we're not just another Chicago-based marketing firm. We go the extra mile to incorporate cutting edge strategies into a client-centered approach that is unparalleled in the industry. Awards? We've won them. But for us, our reputation is only as good as the outcomes we achieve for our most recent client.

We realize that there are other good marketing firms out there . . . and some that simply aren't capable of delivering the results your company deserves. So when it's time to hire a marketing firm, here are some of the criteria we suggest you apply to the selection process.

  • Experience. Everyone has to start somewhere. But do you really want to put your marketing campaign into the hands of an unproven firm that is using your company as a laboratory for high-risk promotional concepts? Probably not.
  • Industry expertise. Every industry presents its own unique marketing challenges. Good PR firms employ staff with marketing expertise in several industries. When you're shopping for a new marketing firm, it's not unreasonable to ask potential firms to discuss their experience in your industry and/or market sector.
  • PR skills. Advertising and PR are similar, yet different marketing disciplines. Effective marketing strategies utilize a combination of the two, so it's important to make sure your marketing firm has the depth to integrate first-rate PR into your marketing mix.
  • Internet marketing. Online technology has created valuable opportunities for companies to expand their marketing reach beyond traditional marketing venues. At Walker Sands, we recognize the importance of online strategies and specialize in using the Internet to promote our clients to targeted online audiences.
  • Cost. Cost is always a concern in a search for a new marketing firm. Although extremely low-priced firms usually lack the experience or resources to deliver tangible results, there are many affordable marketing firms capable of giving your company quality PR and marketing assistance.

If you're shopping for a marketing firm in the Chicago area, Walker Sands is a premiere Chicago marketing firm with a reputation for providing best-in-class marketing communications counsel and services. Contact our team today to learn why Walker Sands is the smart choice for businesses in Chicago and around the nation.