How to Choose a Content Marketing Services Provider

Selecting a content marketing services provider is a big decision for B2B and technology companies. A content marketing strategy can make or break a brand’s reputation, shorten sales cycles and drive business growth, so it’s a decision that should never be taken lightly.

What to Look for in a Content Marketing Services Provider

When selecting a content marketing services partner, it’s important to look for these critical indicators of success:

Expert in Their Field.
A good content marketing services provider should have a strong understanding of your core business functions and area of expertise. This is especially important for B2B and technology companies, both large and small, that cater to niche, informed business audiences and tech-savvy customers.

You need a content marketing services partner with solid knowledge and experience in your space. Your partner should be able to shape an effective strategy that will drive more website visits, generate leads and increase sales. In addition, your partner should have a solid knowledge of your audience and what they read, as well as strong media relationships.

Capabilities in Digital and Traditional Content Marketing Services.
With the advent of the Internet, digital content marketing services have become a priority in today’s leading organizations. An effective marketing strategy will be multifaceted and incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), public relations and social media.

However, traditional content marketing services still play a large role in many organizations. This makes it important to find a partner that excels in both areas.

Focus on Measurement and Results.
An effective content marketing services provider will be able to offer visibility into and analytical evidence demonstrating your return on investment.

At Walker Sands, our content marketing services make an immediate impact on web traffic, social media engagement and PR impact. If a content marketing services partner is weary or unclear when explaining the results of the program, you should avoid establishing a working relationship.

An Overview of Content Marketing Services

Walker Sands provides content marketing services for B2B and technology companies ranging from large Fortune 500 organizations to promising tech startups and enterprise mobile apps. We take an integrated approach to content marketing, incorporating SEO, search and PR.

With Walker Sands and Walker Sands Digital, our content marketing services include:

  • Press releases optimized for search
  • Contributed articles in leading publications
  • Blog posts on timely topics
  • White papers and data studies showcasing your expertise
  • Case studies highlighting real-world results
  • Infographics with high social sharing potential
  • Social media content that engages customers and influencers
  • Videos that generate buzz
  • Websites, microsites and online profiles that expand your digital footprint and improve your search rankings

These are just a few examples of our comprehensive range of content marketing services for our B2B and technology clients. Once we start working with a client, we dive in and gain a deep understanding of their products, unique differentiators and target audiences. This enables us to craft more effective content marketing campaigns that drive sales, increase marketing effectiveness and build brand credibility.