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How New Facebook Search Changes Impact Your Brand

Adam Miller

Nearly two years after Facebook launched Graph Search, the social networking giant rolled out a new search tool that will replace its integration with Bing. The site’s newest functionality offers personalized results meant to give users a better mobile search experience.

Now you can search specific posts shared by friends and Facebook pages you're a fan of.



While most of Facebook’s new search capabilities are meant for connecting with friends, this news is encouraging for brands.

In the last several months, brands have struggled to get content in front of their fans organically because of the new changes to Facebook’s algorithm, decreasing a page’s organic reach to almost zero. Although having a solid paid strategy will be important to succeeding on Facebook in 2015, the most recent change means brands need to incorporate their search strategies into Facebook.

Here are some recommendations to how brands can adjust in 2015.

Create content around keywords. If you are an e-commerce platform, your search strategy likely includes keywords around e-commerce, omnichannel or data management. This means, the company should use those words in Facebook posts while still making it interesting enough for fans to engage. Ideally, brands should plan to use several keywords in order to appear in more Facebook searches.

Be prepared to tell your story in a shareable way. At the end of the day, Facebook is about its users, not the brands selling to them. This means other users are still going to appear higher in search than your brand. Companies need to be creative about their messaging and find out how Facebook users are talking about their products. For instance, a wearable tech company might want to search hashtags associated with either their brand or industry and create more sharable content. Infographics and videos are ideal in this case so users will share content and tag your brand in their post.

Stay relevant. No company operates in a vacuum. Company news will always take a back seat to current events. Instead of working in a sanitized world, be willing to comment on the most recent trends and explain what this means for your fans. You don't necessarily have to comment on world news, but weigh in on what's affecting you and your customers.

For instance, any time there is a security breach, enterprise cybersecurity companies should share blog content on Facebook with their take on the news and what brands should learn from it. This shows customers that your business is willing to participate in relevant conversations and that it can be a go-to source for industry best practices or a smart take on the news.

Every month, more consumers are discovering brands from reading their friends’ posts or seeing an ad on their News Feed. Commenting on current events in your industry gives your brand a higher probability of being found on Facebook.