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How #hashtags Can Help to Market Your Brand

Kim Lucio

Many frequent tweeters know that hashtags make all the difference. Whether you are searching for the latest posts on movies, sports, or anything in between, you can search specific words to find out what the world is saying about that specific topic. Hashtags started as an easy way for brands and people on Twitter to conveniently find thoughts and responses to keywords by putting a “#’ sign in front of the word in the search box. Twitter then finds any posts that have used the #hashtag you were searching for.

Why it’s good for business...

It’s a great way to find customers, and for customers to find you. Using hashtags can lead you right to new potential customers who search an exact term. If they type in the hashtag you have linked to your page, you are showing them that you have valuable information that they should read or click. The easier you make it for them to find you, the more luck you will have in grabbing their attention. Also, many Twitter users use tools like Tweetoid to follow certain users that display hashtags for an industry they want to follow.

Connect with others in your industry. Using hashtags not only helps you to show up in search, it also helps you to see who your competition is. Seeing what other brands and companies use the same hashtags as you can show you where you stand in the industry, and how others are reaching out to their target audiences as well.

See how effective they are for you. Using a site like HootSuite can help you to measure how many clicks links on your Twitter are getting. By posting a hashtag with a link on Twitter from Hootsuite, you can view statistics to see how many more people clicked on your link when you incorporated a hashtag. You may find that including a hashtag can double your amount of clicks on certain links.

What do you think of hashtags, effective or overused? Do you have a favorite hashtag you like to use or search? Feel free to leave a comment below.