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Highlights from our internship at Walker Sands

Shannon Buckley

Office culture can have a big impact on your internship experience. As the summer interns at Walker Sands, we love each day at the office and want to share some of our favorite things about coming to work each day.

Walker Sands Communications Rooftop
The roof is a great escape for a mid-day break

As interns at Walker Sands, we’re trusted with high-level projects and receive a lot of hands-on experience. Teamwork is a huge part of working here. Each of us is assigned to a team handling a different group of clients, allowing the interns to become experts in specific areas of tech PR and digital marketing. Because the Walker Sands office is very open, we can collaborate, ask questions and truly be part of the team.

From the start of our internship, we paired with a more senior member of our account team for mentor sessions. Our mentors treat us to lunch or coffee every other week, and we discuss career goals. Mentor sessions are the perfect opportunity to ask questions and connect with the Media Relations Specialists on our teams on a more personal level.

In the summer internship job description, there was a promise of time spent on the rooftop garden. We all definitely took advantage of the creatively decorated space, taking lunch and sanity breaks whenever the weather allowed. A particularly nice day calls for a big crowd migrating to the roof to enjoy the sun and each other’s company.

To power us through the afternoons, we often take a quick group outing to one of our favorite local venues. Whether we take advantage of the $1 deal at Dunkin Donuts, order Slurpees at 7-11 or a receive an energy boost from a Starbucks’ iced mocha, the group’s fun, spontaneous nature always keeps everyone in good spirits.

It’s always important to continue learning about your field no matter what stage of your career you’re in. This is something that Walker Sands makes very easy and enjoyable. Over the course of our internship, we have professional development sessions that cover everything from Excel tips to InDesign basics to even learning what the best pitching practices are from a previous NPR reporter. The professional development series provides valuable information that we will take with us down the road in our careers.

Walker Sands Communications Kickball
Kickball weather conditions prove to be challenging at times.

Walker Sands employees work hard for their clients, but they know how to play hard, too. Between birthday celebrations (complete with cookie cake), Friday happy hours in the kitchen and weekly kickball games, we are able to let loose and spend extra time with our co-workers. We are able to really bond with the whole office and know everyone on a more personal level at these fun get-togethers, which make coming to work that much more exciting.

Overall, our internship experience is about more than just drafting pitches and press releases, or researching the perfect reporters to reach out to. It is the extra moments, and the time spent with our teams outside of meetings that make it such a positive and memorable experience. A huge THANK YOU! from all of us to Walker Sands for welcoming us and keeping each day in the office fun and full of new experiences.

Are you interested in interning at Walker Sands? Consider applying for a position this fall!

Walker Sands Summer Interns

Contributors to this post: Annie Gudorf, PR intern; Colleen Kennedy, PR intern; Katie Donabedian, SEO Intern; Christine Curtin, PR intern; Tricia Gawlas, PR intern; and Shannon Buckley, PR intern