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Google Plus for Marketing


So Google+ has been chugging along now for a good while and so I think we’ve gotten a pretty good understanding of where it sits. It’s definitely popular. Last I heard it was at 35 million people, and got to those numbers faster than any other social networking site. How active each of those 35 million people is no surprise. Some people are posting every fifteen minutes about what’s going on in their lives and some people are positing links to news stories once a week. So it’s not a magical utopia where every social interaction is awesome, but as we’ve discussed before it definitely has advantages over all the rest of the players in the industry.

But what does that mean for businesses? Pretty much nothing, yet. There still aren’t business pages that allow for companies to interaction with customers and clients. You can set up a personal account and use it to represent your brand. But unless people know to look for that person, or that person dedicates a lot of time to hunting down the people who you would want to connect to on G+ then it won’t make reaching your clients and customers any easier.

Google says that the business pages for Google Plus will be up and running “in months” which, to me, says that they’re planning some pretty involved integration of the business pages with other Google products (think of the Google business pages being expanded and made more dynamic) which means that these pages will become even more important than as just a social networking option. They might also be the pages that show up in Google maps, or that people link to when talking about you, it may become the most obvious footprint of your brand outside of your website (and maybe more than your website, depending on the brand).

So don’t rush out to conquer the business side of Google+. There’s not as much to conquer as you may be led to believe, but do start planning for how you plan to manage this side of your business, because it could become really important really quickly. And if it does, I’ll be here to tell you about it.