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Google Glass: The World’s Best Pickup Line

Jennifer Mulligan

google glass

We’ve had Google Glass in the office for most of the summer. Everyone has had a chance to try it out, but I wanted to know how it functions in the real world. How does it work with background city noise? What will other people’s reactions be to someone wearing this contraption on their face and talking to an inanimate object? Would I find it more useful than my smartphone? All good questions I needed answered.

So, I took Google Glass for a spin at the nearest Starbucks with my co-worker, Carly. Our goal was to take a few pictures, connect to Starbucks’ Wi-Fi, and get directions back to work with Google Glass. Sadly, we managed to only accomplish the first goal. Here are a couple of photos I took of a display and a product in the store using Google Glass. The picture quality pretty good, but I wish I could zoom in on the product better.

GG at starbucks GG at starbucks 2

Unfortunately, I couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi. The reason for that is unclear. It is very possible that I don’t know what I’m doing, or perhaps Google Glass’ Internet connection only works with Bluetooth connectivity. No Internet connection in the store also meant that I couldn’t use it to get directions back to office. If only that meant Carly and I could’ve gone home for the day!

Even though we didn’t accomplish two of the goals we set out to do, we still had a good time trying out Google Glass in Starbucks. We enjoyed playing with the new gadget. Yes, many people stared at us, the crazy girls saying “OK, Glass” while wearing ridiculous glasses that didn’t even have lenses.

GG at starbucks 3

Or so we thought.

Instead, it turns out that these people staring at us were actually impressed with our gadget! One man approached us while we waited for our drinks. He recognized Google Glass and wanted to know about it. He asked us how we got it, what we were doing with it in Starbucks, and what Google Glass was good for. And then the conversation turned to what we did, where we worked, what we thought of Chicago. It turns out that Google Glass is a fantastic pickup line! For single girls in the city, that was the best feature we could have asked for!