Getting Started with Digital PR

Digital PR has become a priority in the marketing budgets of leading B2B firms. Why? Because executives and marketing decision-makers are increasingly realizing that some of the most important B2B conversations are taking place online—conversations that drive leads and generate revenue for businesses that develop and execute an integrated digital PR strategy.

What Is Digital PR

Public relations involves the management and distribution of key messaging to various targeted audiences. Digital PR is intended to accomplish the same thing, using a variety of digital channels and Web-based touch points to connect with key influencers, prospective buyers and other audiences.

Many firms mistakenly identify digital PR exclusively with social media. Although social media plays a role in digital PR, it is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. In today’s marketplace, the most successful B2B brands leverage a diverse mix of digital tactics to achieve maximum visibility and improved business results.

Some of the key elements of digital PR include:

  • Digital Strategy. The best digital PR initiatives are strategic in nature. Rather than haphazardly deploying a variety of digital tactics, it’s important for your digital PR efforts to be coordinated and integrated with your traditional PR program.
  • Site Design. As home base for your brand’s digital presence, your company website should be designed in a way that makes valuable content easily accessible to users. In many cases, audiences will be directed to your website from digital placements, so your website will also need to be architected in a manner that presents a clear path to conversion.
  • SEO. Search engine optimization draws audiences to your brand’s online assets and dramatically improves the visibility of thought leadership content to prospects. Ideally, all of your brand’s digital PR assets should be created to capture the attention of search engines as well as target audiences.
  • Content Marketing. Content drives traffic and engagement in the digital world. Consequently, the best digital PR programs hinge on the strategic development and distribution of many different types of highly relevant and impactful content. Site content, landing pages, case studies, contributed articles, white papers—they’re all essential for connecting with prospects and customers.
  • Landing Page Optimization. Landing pages draw audiences to your online properties. But to be effective, your digital PR strategy needs to incorporate landing pages that motivate your audience to take the next step in the conversion journey.
  • Social Media. Social promotion can place your content in front of a much larger audience. The catch is that your social media campaigns need to be strategically crafted to stand out from the crowd, and supported by tools and resources that integrate social activities with your brand’s overall digital PR strategy.

Selecting a Digital PR Firm

Like traditional public relations, digital PR strategies can be sophisticated initiatives that require the expertise of an experienced digital PR team. Although some activities can be performed in-house, for many organizations the best option is to outsource digital PR to an agency.

When selecting a digital PR firm, it’s important to look for agencies that have proven experience in both PR and digital services. At Walker Sands, our reputation as a leader in B2B public relations as well as our extensive digital capabilities create a synergy that delivers added value—and better results—for our clients.