Generating Leads with Blogging and Social Media Campaigns

Blogging and social media campaigns are effective tools for generating new leads in the B2B technology space. By developing and distributing highly shareable content around key marketing messages, you can significantly raise your company’s profile in target markets and drive new leads to your sales pipeline.

The Key to Successful Blogging and Social Media Campaigns

As a leading B2B technology marketing firm, Walker Sands routinely helps some of the nation’s fastest growing B2B tech companies leverage blogging and social media campaigns to achieve critical business goals. But translating social channel initiatives into meaningful results isn’t as simple as drafting a few blog posts and posting the links on your social media profile. To deliver results, your brand’s blogging and social media campaigns need to include a strategic element.

At Walker Sands, we’ve found that blogging and social media campaigns play an important role in a multi-channel approach. Although blogs and social channel initiatives can’t deliver optimal visibility by themselves, the incorporation of blogging and social media campaigns in your brand’s larger PR and marketing strategy creates opportunities for engagement with target audiences.

So in many ways, the key to successful blogging and social media campaigns is integration. By carefully combining blogging and social media campaigns with other PR and marketing elements, you can generate added value from social channel investments and deliver a more coherent brand message to prospects, influencers and other audiences.

Blogging and Social Media Campaigns: Essential Components

One of the advantages of blogging and social media campaigns is that most companies’ target audiences are already actively engaged on social media sites. Rather than having to generate interest from scratch, the right social channel initiative can enable your brand to enter conversations that are already happening online.

At Walker Sands, we specialize in helping B2B technology companies derive maximum value from social channel engagement. In our experience, there are several essential components that should be included in your organization’s blogging and social media campaigns:

  • Proactive development and maintenance of social media profiles
  • Creation of impactful blogs and social media content for specific audiences
  • Dynamic lead generation campaigns designed to drive site traffic and conversions

It’s also important to note that blogging and social media campaigns can be used to improve the effectiveness of your brand’s PR efforts. By tracking social shares and other metrics, Walker Sands can adjust your brand’s public relations strategy to more accurately target key audiences on a go-forward basis.