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Friday Fives: Week of September 24 – 28

Allison Lautz

Be sure to check out article #5 to discover how this photo is relevant!

Welcome back to the Walker Sands Friday Fives! Today the digital team has highlighted some of their favorite articles from the past week. Enjoy!

1. How The iOS 6 App Store Changes Are Affecting App Rankings And Visibility (TechCrunch): With the recent launch of iOS6, Apple users have been buzzing about all of the changes to the app store, UX, and overall features of the operating system. This article takes a look at the app store updates, and how they are impacting downloads in the store.

2. Google's Street View Goes Under The Sea at Six Coral Reefs (Google Blog): Google has partnered with The Catlin Seaview Survey to offer underwater photos as part of Google Street View. The panoramic images come from six different coral reefs across Australia, the Philippines, and Hawaii. The next time you visit Google Maps, be sure to check this out!

3. Pilsen incubator aims to give minority, women-owned startups a boost (Crain's): Steve Hendershot of Crain's sits down with Emile Cambry Jr. and Mahrinah von Schlegel, who together founded both a business incubator and a six-month accelerator catering primarily to women and minorities. Learn more about the founders' thoughts and plans for starting these businesses and helping underrepresented groups gain traction in Chicago.

4. A Week With The iPhone 5 (Gizmodo): Gizmodo's Sam Biddle shares his thoughts at length after spending a week using the brand new iPhone 5. He offers a clear-headed take on the phone's pros and cons, and weighs in on the Apple Maps debacle. It's a good place for those in the market for a new smartphone to begin their research.

5. Stingray Photobombs Tourists … and Other Unsuspecting Victims (Mashable): This hilarious article from Mashable features stingrays photobombing classic photos in response to some similar images that have been circulating around the Internet. Happy Friday, everyone!