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Friday Fives: Week of January 7 – 11

Rachel Krasnow

Credit: Time UnionHappy Friday and Happy Birthday to our very own Will Kruisbrink! Celebrate the best day of the week with these trending articles.

  1. Why The Next Social Media Frontier Is The Past (Fast Company)

    In an age where content is king, Fast Company makes a prediction that we’ll soon be racking our brains to remember our social media history.

  2. Windows 8: Not for Old-at-Heart PCs (The Wall Street Journal)

    Even if you’re ready for the Windows 8 migration, if your computer is more than a couple of years old, be prepared to face some challenges.

  3. Domo CEO Josh James: Why I Pay For Twitter Followers (Forbes)

    Wondering how some people became so popular on Twitter? Buying followers is a new marketing strategy, and one CEO argues that it’s smart for several reasons.

  4. This Is the Future of Shopping (Mashable)

    Your every moved at the grocery store is about to be tracked. New technology will be able to sense a customer’s every interaction with store products, even as that tempting box of Oreos gets placed back on the shelf.

  5. Would You Buy an iPotty To Toilet Train Your Toddler? (Huffington Post)

    Every year during CES, oodles of new tech products are released. But has the ‘i-world’ crossed the line? Read on to see what’s in store for the next baby generation.