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Friday Five, Week of September 10-14

Christine Curtin

Happy Friday! Check out our pick's for this week's FF!

1. Meet the Mobile Device Privacy Act

(The Next Web)

Representative Ed Markey proposed a bill to protect consumers from being unfairly tracked via their mobile device. This article breaks down the bill. Does this sound like something you would support?

2. Everything You Need to Know About iOS 6 in Under Three Minutes


On Wednesday, Apple announced the iPhone 5 along with iOS6. iOS6 is packed with lots of new features. Here is a breakdown of the best ones.

3. The New B2B Public Relations Are A Hybrid of Traditional and Social

(Fast Company)

It’s been argued that traditional marketing is dead, but Wendy Marx says successful social networks wouldn’t be possible without traditional marketing methods – it’s a balance/hybrid.

4. Maybe This Is Why Newspapers are Failing: Boring Headlines

(The Atlantic)

The Atlantic toys with the idea that perhaps more interesting headlines would help boost print newspaper sales.

5. What Obama’s iPad Says About the Future of News on Paper


Hamish McKenzie takes a look at how a recent profile of President Obama shows how comprehensively news consumption has swung away from paper and towards digital – especially the iPad.

And an extra for good measure and a few laughs:

6. Journalist slaps PR pro during Fashion Week

(PR Daily)

“If you’ve ever worked as a reporter, chances are you’ve wanted to slap a PR person. If you’ve ever worked as a PR person, chances are you’ve wanted to slap a journalist.”

Enjoy your weekend!