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Friday Five: Week of October 8-12

Colleen Kennedy

Happy Friday! Here are our favorite articles from the tech and PR industry this week:

1. Chicago Ranks 7th for Tech Startup Investments (Chicago Sun-Times)

USA Today asked the National Venture Capital Association to rank the top 10 cities for start-ups, based on dollars invested in young tech companies in 2011. Our tech hub in Chicago ranked seventh.

2. VP Debate: The Social Media Winners and Losers (PR Daily)

The social chatter around the vice president debate last night was very entertaining! Read some of the highlights in this write up by PR Daily.

3. Chicago Ideas Week: This is the Future of News (TIME)

This week, Chicago hosted Ideas Week which featured informative sessions by some of the brightest minds in the country. The Walker Sands employees attended the "Future of News" session to learn about the upcoming trends.

4. 5 PR Disasters that Started on YouTube (PR Daily)

Public relations disasters can start anywhere at any time. We all know to respond to customers on Twitter, but have you thought to check YouTube?

5. Owning Its Maps-App Flop is a Brilliant Marketing Stroke by Apple (Ad Age)

All companies make mistakes -- even giants like Apple. But how you handle the mistakes shows how much you value the customer. Apple's response to the maps issue gives us some great lessons.

And for an added bonus... You made it until Friday! Celebrate! Have a good weekend.