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Friday Five: Week of January 28-February 1

Erin Jordan

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some of our favorite articles from the industry this week, with our last one to get you ready for all of those Super Bowl ads this weekend!

1. 5 Big Tech Companies That Are Killing It On Facebook —ReadWrite

It's taken for granted these days that if you run a business, you need to be on Facebook. And while any monkey can click the "Create Page" button, it takes a smart strategy to wind up with the kind of Facebook numbers that are truly brag-worthy.

2. Screwing Up Could Be Your Best Career Move—If you Do it Right—Fast Company

A screwup doesn't have to ruin your life, assuming you respond in smart and creative ways. Tips for turning your fumbles into successful turning points.

3. Amazon’s Home Page Comes Back After Outage—Mashable

Amazon's homepage,, was unreachable for around an hour. During the outage, a user trying to reach the online store's main page would only see a white page with the message: "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable."

4. Ambitious Startup Wish Aims to Outsmart the Business of Online Shopping—All Things D

A young startup wants to create a Google-ified version of Amazon, and in the process grow big enough to compete with both Internet giants.

5. The Super Bowl Ads You Don’t Want To Miss This Year—Forbes

This article speaks for itself. We’re pumped for more than just the game and Beyonce, of course.

Darth Super Bowl


Have a great weekend! Stay Warm!