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Friday Five: Week of Feb. 4-8

Katie Welge

TGIF! Happy Friday Five to all from Team AC + our awesome intern, Alex S.! 

CBS News Scoops Postal Service's Big Announcement About Saturday Delivery (PR Daily)

Before The United States Postal Service released any information about its removal of Saturday deliveries, CBS broke the news, which sparked a social media uproar.

Four Ways to Amplify Your Creativity (Fast Company)

It’s time to amp up your creativity. Get out of the winter slump and create an environment to help get your creative juices flowing!

How to Sell Without Being a Salesperson (Forbes)

Entrepreneurs are challenged to sell their product at the drop of a hat, which can lead to bad first impressions. This car salesman turned entrepreneur discusses what it takes to be great at sales without being an overzealous salesperson.

Read What Facebook's Sandberg Calls Maybe the Most Important Document Ever to Come Out of the Valley (TechCrunch)

Netflix’s recent release of their value statement has created buzz around changing company culture. TechCrunch sums up the high points of the slideshow that has already been viewed over 3 million times.

Good Advertising at the Super Bowl (Mashable)

Looks like good advertising won at the Super Bowl this year. Mashable outlines what set apart the successful commercials from the mediocre.

 Have a great weekend!