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Friday Five: Week of Feb. 11 – 15

Heather Farr

Happy Friday everyone, and a very happy birthday to MRS Christine Curtin! Celebrate the end of the week (and birthdays!) with the Walker Sands Friday Five, brought to you by Team Meghan.

8 Habits of Effective and Productive Writers (PR Daily)

From setting aside time to write each day to cranking up the music, here are 8 simple habits to become a more effective writer.

14 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Your Techie Valentine (Mashable)

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we are loving these gift ideas from Mashable!

More Than a Pitchman: Why Stars Are Getting Marketing Titles (AdAge)

Today’s celebrities are linked to brands above and beyond endorsements – why are stars getting job titles such as creative director and brand manager?

What the Harlem Shuffle Tells us About Shortcuts to Going Viral (Upstart Business Journal)

Videos of the Harlem Shake were viewed a whopping 44 million times this week. Videos are a cheap and easy way to get exposure – but what exactly are the secrets to creating the next Harlem Shuffle or Gangnam Style?

Worst Pitch of the Month (ZDNet)

Walker Sands was called out as the right way to pitch in ZDNet’s worst pitches list. High five to the ThreatMetrix team!