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Friday Five: Week of December 31-January 4

Katie Donabedian

Friday FiveHappy first Friday of 2013! Check out the digital team's favorite articles of the week!

1. Future Trends in Web Design: Predictions for 2013 (Webdesigner Depot)

Webdesigner Depot has rounded up some industry big names to get their takes on what trends will dominate web design in 2013. Their responses about responsive design and the increased prominence of mobile are almost certainly accurate, though somewhat predictable, and I also like what some writers suggested about skeuomorphism and parallax scrolling.

2. Turkish Web Authenticators Briefly Fake Google Inc. (Business Insider)

You may remember Replacement Google, the humorous fake search engine supposedly brought to you by the NFL's notorious replacement referees. Unlike the good-natured Replacement Google site though, the Turkish government set up their own fake version of Google, with the possible intent of monitoring employees' activity. Business Insider breaks down the story.

3. Waze Said to Have Rejected Apple's Buyout Offer (BGR)

Rumor has it that Waze, a social navigation startup, has rejected a buyout offer from Apple. Waze was to help Apple fix its widely criticized IOS 6 Maps application.

4. Compare Cities Instantly With Versus IO (Mashable)

Trying to decide where to travel, relocate or open a business? A new comparison engine, Versus IO, compares 240 cities from around the world side by side. The website pulls stats from across the web, comparing more than 100 criteria, and presents it in a pros-and-cons format. Check out Chicago versus San Francisco!

5. What do you make? (Seth Godin)

This is a nice post by Seth Godin about taking the time to really think about the decisions that you make on a daily basis.