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Friday Five: Week of December 3-7

Erin Jordan

Happy Friday! Here are our top five articles this week!

These 12 cities are a startup paradise, according to Young Entrepreneurs (Tech Cocktail)

Coming in at No. 4, Chi-Town’s cheap office space and lower cost of living make bootstrapping realistic – no major VC funding needed to cover those expenses. Combine that with a population of 9.5 million people and you have endless talent and opportunity.

 7 habits of highly successful PR people  (

The seven habits are applicable to anyone, and for public relations professionals, they are particularly helpful in your work with journalists, clients and the public. Here are ways you can apply Covey's proven seven habits to your PR work.

For PC Virus Victims, Pay or Else (New York Times)

In the past year, hundreds of thousands of people across the world have switched on their computers to find distressing messages alerting them that they no longer have access to their PCs or any of the files on them. These new computer crimes have put a spotlight on the dangers of hacking and the importance of computer security.

Marketing in the Human Era (1to1 Media)

Are we entering into a new world of marketing? Michael Harris says that successful marketing in today’s market must be much more personable and synchronized with our human instincts

11 Big Tech Trends You’ll See in 2013 (Mashable)

Lance Ulanoff predicts that second screens, big data, and the rise of robots might be waiting for us next year.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday season!