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Friday Five: Week of December 17-21

Christine Curtin

Good news: It's Friday! Better news: We survived the Mayan Apocalypse!

1. Instagram Updates Its Terms of Service Based on User Feedback (Mashable)

We're sure you heard the big news on Monday about Instagram's new terms of service, but today they made even more changes based on negative user feedback from the announcement.

2. 2012 Innovations: Google Glasses, Occulus Rift And More (Huff Post Tech)

2012 was a year packed with new discoveries -- check out some of the coolest and most transforming ones in this article.

3. What We Tweet About When We Tweet About the End of the World (Fast Company)

It was a close call, but Tweeters around the world agree that the Mayans were wrong about the world ending. Even the Library of Congress had something to say about the apocalypse on Twitter.

4. iOS 6 Adoption Grows 29% Over The Weekend As People Finally Update After Google Maps Arrives  (TechCrunch)

Apple Maps wasn't well-received among iPhone users, and new research from MoPub suggests people refused to upgrade to iOS 6 until they could get Google Maps.

5. The Holidays by the Numbers (Walker Sands)

This isn't exactly a news story, but check out the awesome infographic our designers made about the holiday season that served as our company seasons greetings card! Fun fact: 7/10 dogs receive holiday gifts from their owners.

Seasons Greetings from all of us at Walker Sands!