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Friday Five: Week of December 10-14

Christine Curtin

Happy Friday! This week's Friday Five is brought to you by Team Emily.

1. The Really Interesting Thing About Google Maps Isn't the App Itself  (Time Techland)

Google Maps does make the iPhone better, but it also poses a threat to Apple on its very own platform. With a native Maps app, Google is starting to sink its hooks deeper into iOS. The app itself is just the beginning.

2. Five Trends Driving Traditional Retail Towards Extinction (Forbes)

The explosion of e-commerce is old news, but new strategies and trends are emerging that may take down brick-and-mortar retailers.

3. The most shared events on social media in 2012(PR Daily)

Check out this infographic about content sharing in 2012. Can you guess the top entertainment buzzword of the year? We'll give you a clue: MRS Heather Farr is a huge fan of him.

4. What we'll see in 2013 in cloud computing (GigaOm)

The cloud was a hot topic for tech companies in 2012, but how will it fare next year?

5. Protected Bike Lanes Debut Friday Downtown (NBC Chicago)

A must-read for all Chicago residents, because the first two-way bike route with dedicated bike-traffic signals debuts today at 1 p.m.!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Happy Holidays from Team Emily!