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Friday Five: Week of August 6-10

Allison Lautz

Almost as cool as these 5.

Happy Friday! Each week we highlight five industry articles that we find relevant or interesting. This week the digital team compiled their top picks.

The Retina War is upon us.

This blog post by designer Wells Riley considers the emergence of high-resolution, "retina display"-style screens on computers and mobile devices, and the impact that they will have on the work of web professionals. Riley delves into the details that designers will have to consider in order to make sure websites can live up to the potential afforded them by the super sharp displays available on devices like Apple's newest MacBook Pro.

Google to include people's Gmail in search results

Google is beta testing a new formula that will pull information from your Gmail messages into search results.

The First Truly Social Olympics: Tell Me How You Really Feel

There were more tweets sent in a single day during the Olympics last week than there were during the entire 17-day competition in Beijing in 2008. This article is a nice look at how social media is coming into play in a big way in London.

Apple's Secrets Revealed at Trial

Apple’s claims that Samsung copied their iPhone and iPad designs have sparked a heated lawsuit between the two tech giants. Now, in the midst of the trial, Apple has revealed many of its strategies that have remained top-secret in the past.

Google Launches 3D Interactive Tour of Versailles

Google combines history and technology in this cool new model.